For the provision of holiday rental accommodation, the owner is required to register in the National Register of Guest Accommodation and comply with a number of requirements in order to meet the applicable law.

Our company has the expertise and experience in obtaining all the necessary elements for meeting these requirements.


Energy certification gives users information on the energy performance of the building and, for new buildings, serves to meet the thermal requirements to which they are subject.

With existing buildings, it is a mandatory requirement in any sale or lease of the building and also identifies what measures may lead to an improvement in energy performance and thermal comfort.

The provision of an Energy Certificate is the responsibility of the property owner and is compulsory in different situations, including:

  • New Buildings
  • Existing Buildings undergoing major rehabilitation works
  • All Existing Buildings entering into leasing or sale agreements

We have a qualified expert for Energy Certification in our team providing us with the opportunity to deal with this requirement.


In the area of ​​civil engineering, Luis Negócio Ltd offers technical expertise in all areas of the specialties required by the licensors. They are executed internally without the need to resort to external entities, which allows a tight process control and real coordination between the various specialty solutions. Project specialties in our field are:

  • Stability projects and peripheral containment (structures)
  • Thermal behaviour
  • Water Distribution Networks
  • Water Drainage Systems and Domestic Waste
  • Stormwater Drainage System
  • Gas Networks 
  • Acoustic Studies 
  • Security and Fire Risks
  • ITED projects
  • Electricity and Electrical Engineering Reports.


We provide Work Inspection Services and Safety, Hygiene and Health in Construction (CAP VI). Owners of works, either Private or Public, recognize today the benefit of hiring an experienced company to perform these services with vigour, knowledge, impartiality and discipline. Our monitoring and inspection of work ensures that the Employer obtains quality in the development of projects, cost control and compliance with deadlines. The following services have these benefits:

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  • Supervision of Works
  • Construction Management
  • Specifications
  • Bills of Quantity
  • Budgets and Budgetary Estimates
  • Analysis of Proposals
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Building Inspections
  • Technical Reports
  • Consulting


With the required building permit (Construction Permit INCI – 73 296-PUB), Luis Negocio Ltd ensures quality performance and the continuous availability of the entire team in order to meet the expectations of our customers.